The following pages on Augustine first appeared in the Villanova Magazine.


St. Augustine: From Bad Boy of the Ancient World to Man for a Millenium by Maureen McKew - Summer 1998

Augustine and the Modern World by Maureen McKew - Summer 1999

Thomas of Villanova: Heir to Augustine, Patron for our University by Maureen McKew - Summer 1999

Martin Luther: the Separated "Son" of Augustine by Fr. Michael Scanlon, OSA - Winter 1999

Aw Hell! Who Put the Fire Out? by Maureen McKew - Summer 2000

Who Brought Evil into the World? Augustine Identifies the Culprit by MaureenMcKew - Summer 2000 

Faith and Reason: Competitors or Collaborators? by Maureen McKew - Winter 2000

Augustine the Preacher by Maureen McKew - Winter 2001

Augustine and the Liberal Arts by Maureen McKew - Spring 2001

Augustine on Women: Misogynist, Apologist or Simply a Mixed Bag? by Maureen McKew - Summer 2001

The Bishops’ Bishop - Part one: Drafted to the Episcopacy by Maureen McKew - Spring 2002

The Bishops’ Bishop - Part two: Shepherd, Administrator and Crisis Manager by Maureen McKew - Fall 2002

Leading with the Heart: what it means to be a Catholic, Augustinian University by Maureen McKew - Summer 2002

A Rule for Living by Maureen McKew - Winter 2002

Waging Peace in an Imperfect Society – The Best Alternative to War by Maureen McKew - Spring 2003: 

Making war with Tears in Our Eyes by Maureen McKew - Winter 2003

Shepherds of the Flocks in Augustine's World and Ours by Maureen McKew - Spring 2004: 

Motivated by Mission by Kathleen Scavello - Fall 2007